Keeping Up with CoViD19: Week 7

This has been a very long, grey week. The weather has changed from sunny days in April to rain and wind in May that have kept me indoors. Unsurprisingly I have not been feeling great.

In the middle of working, writing, reading, sewing and eating, in moments of quiet, I feel lost. This lockdown seems endless and while I was supposed to be dog sitting in Munich this weekend, I instead binge watched all three seasons of On My Block on Netflix (great series- I highly recommend).

When I look online, I see only the best bits of my friends’ lives, just as they see only the best bits of mine and it’s easy to forget for a second that we are all in the exact same position.

Although my weekly zoom calls and Netflix parties are welcomed breaks from regular life, I still feel lonely sometimes. Given the circumstances I think this is okay. If lockdown is a matter of survival, I am surviving, even if it means eating whole packets on bagels in two days.

In the midst of this, however, I have managed to finish an exciting project: the website for Paradiso Folkestone, a vintage movie poster and memorabilia store. I met Stephen two years ago when he first set up his pop-up shop on The Old High Street. I was already working three jobs, but I found the shop charming and wanted to help.

Before returning to university after the summer, I had set up @paradisofolketone on Instagram and continued to help out during holidays and remotely where possible. When I heard Stephen wanted to set up an online gallery, I was excited to put what I’ve learnt through my internships this year to use. 

Together we created where you can see some of their current favourite lobby cards, UK and international posters. There is a collectors’ guide for those who are not familiar with vintage posters and in the future, there will be a full catalogue of all available posters. If you’re into old movies, check it out!

Last night I had a long phone call with a friend and got started on a new project. Already I feel more positive than I have done all week. With no end date set, lockdown in the UK is a marathon event. It’s okay to have off days or even off weeks as long as you know that this will end, and in the end, we will come together and be okay.

Stay safe, stay sunny and May the fourth be with you.

Lots of love, 

Ana xxx

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