Other Publications

Here are some articles I’ve written for my university magazines.

Tinder Tales (2019)

True stories and cautionary tales of my experiences on Tinder

Placement abroad

Originally published in The Bath University Maths Undergraduate newsletter (Feb 2020).

“5 months ago, I moved to Stuttgart, Germany to begin my internship as a Data Analyst. At the time of accepting the position, I was completing a summer research internship in Wales and looking for work opportunities abroad, hopefully in a sunny country, ideally somewhere I could speak the language.

With notoriously cold winters and an official language I could barely speak, Germany was the last place I expected to move to, but the internship opportunity seemed too god to pass up on. I applied thinking it was unlikely I would get the position, but fortunately, I did because I have loved my experience here thus far!

The work itself has surprised me. I naively started my role expecting to jump straight into complex data analytics and machine learning techniques but have since learnt that there is a lot of pre-processing involved and I have yet to make a nice bar chart or dashboard.

From my degree, I had learnt some programming, which I have since developed, but the key skill I have carried through is probably perseverance. Maths is hard and learning how to use a tonne of new software and languages is hard, but in both cases, the fun is in the process and the result is usually satisfying.

Some highlights of my time here have been attending Wasen (Stuttgart’s Oktoberfest), drinking gluhwein at the Christmas market and celebrating my 21st birthday in Frankfurt. However, the greatest thing I have found in Germany has been the people. I am so grateful for my community of friends (mostly other interns, students and expats) and my welcoming work colleagues for helping to make Germany feel like home.

Living abroad can be exhausting. There is so much to adjust to and it is very energy-intensive to navigate a country when you cannot understand the announcements on the trains or read the instructions on food packages. Nevertheless, the chance to experience a new culture, gain so many skills at work and meet such wonderful people has been worth the effort.

If you get the opportunity to live or work abroad, I highly recommend it. It is usually not the easiest of paths, but it might be one of the most fulfilling.”