The problem with butter

This is just a short post because I’ve been quite busy recently working several jobs.

The truth is, I have a bad habit of saying yes. Bad because, I’ll say yes to a party an hour away from my house but also yes to walking a friend’s dog the following morning. I’ll agree to working an eight hour shift and then cover two hours at another job as a favour. I commit to helping with projects I feel inspired by and make big plans because they seem exciting. I love saying yes to opportunities, be it to make money, see a friend or take a last minute road trip across the country. But all too often I’ll end up with no time in between, and most importantly, no time to myself.

I’ve frequently ended up in situations where I’ve taken on too much and had to bail on several people/events. Because when you say yes to too many things, no matter how good the intentions, you’ll always end up feeling a bit like butter: spread too thin.


On that note, I’ll quickly mention that I very recently quit one job and am working on saying no and not taking on too much, because no opportunity is worth your health (or sanity).

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