Uni life (Season 2, Episode 1)

As we begin our countdown to Christmas, we also approach the halfway mark of my bachelor’s degree (shit), so I figured it would be a good time to check in and give the low down on second year uni life.

If you haven’t already read about my first year, click here. To skip intro, keep reading…

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***Cue intro music***

Resolutions and socials

Despite feeling quite social last year, I actually attended very few sports socials and ended my first year feeling as though I hadn’t gotten to know a lot of my teams very well. So, I made it a goal this year to put more effort in, step out of my comfort zone and actually commit to more events.

In terms of sports and societies, I’ve continued cheerleading and surfing (although all I have done with surf so far is drink), I dropped Latin and Ballroom, started Salsa and Gymnastics and begun my role as secretary of Maths society. As one of my friends put it, I’ve done a ‘Classic Ana’ and taken on more than I realistically have time for. That being said, I have kept up with all of it quite well and the only thing that has really suffered at times is my sanity (and degree??).

‘Anything but clothes’ surf social

A speedy run down

I moved back to Bath a couple of weeks before lectures began and spent 2 days in Exeter before my fresher’s week take 2. It’s all a bit blurry but I had a lot of fun in those first couple of weeks. And although I didn’t go out half as much as I did in my first year, I’ve still been ill for the better part of the last three months.

After my very first day of lectures, I went to a concert to see The Magic Gang in Bristol, which was a great way to start the semester. The following week I bought several plants, was gifted a tree and had the highest attendance to lectures of my semester.

FullSizeRender 15
Front line view of The Magic Gang!

Then I turned 20, took part in a Salsa show, went on a night out in Bristol immediately after and did the same show the next day but hungover. I visited a friend in Nottingham for her birthday, played touch rugby for the first time with surf society, joined the newly formed Latin American society, went ice skating, drowned in coursework and lived in the library for 3 weeks, before resurfacing just in time to go to the Snowball.

Here’s a photo from Snowball that I don’t remember being taken…

Shortly after recovering from that night, I went to a surf house party, slept for 4 hours, went to Loughborough for an incredible whole day Salsa event the next day, got home at 5am and spent the next 30 hours in bed. In the last week of this semester I continued to go to the library every day, but rather than work I made several paper planes and learnt more about my star signs. I thought and chatted a lot about my future which helped me to confirmed my decision to apply for a work placement instead of a study year abroad for next year.

‘Suits and inflatables’ themed surf party

The conclusion

This semester has been full of ups and downs. At times I’ve felt very alone, doubted my ability to study my degree and been ready to quit but I’ve also has the most fun starting Salsa, learning new skills in Cheer and Gymnastics and starting/developing so many friendships.

The biggest changes I’ve made this semester are: studying more independently, going out more (and fulfilling my goal to commit to socials) and making more girlfriends. The latter especially has made a big difference to my university experience as one thing I really struggled with last year was studying such a male dominated subject.

Salsa soc ❤

I’ve also become a lot more resilient to criticism, rejection and setbacks. Turning 20 was not quite what I expected it to be and my self-confidence has been tested time and time again, but thanks to a strong support network and my belief that if I’ve survived this far, I can survive anything, I’ve come out the other end a lot stronger and more determined to succeed.

Overall, this semester has been really fun and if we ignore boys, coursework, exams and my permalife crisis**, I’d say season 2 of uni is going vastly better than season one.


**like a midlife crisis but it’s become a permanent feature in my life

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