9 Goals for 2019

Time is a social construct and 1st January is just another day, but it’s a day where millions of people are choosing to make better choices for themselves. In this cold, depressing season, people are finding motivation to start things they once only dreamed of. It’s inspiring.

If you read my last post, you’ll already know all my new year’s eve traditions, one of which is setting fire to a list of things I want to leave behind in the old year and another is writing my goals for the new year. While the contents of my burn list will remain a secret, I can share with you some of my resolutions.

  1. Spend my time and energy more wisely

I gave wayyy too much time, thought and energy to people who didn’t deserve it last year and I often found myself agreeing to plans when I didn’t really feel like going out. At the end of last year, I already started to become more conscious of who I was spending time with and what I spent energy on and I hope to continue this in 2019 so I can focus on developing the areas and relationships in my life that really matter to me.

  1. Take those goddamn vitamins

Whilst most people are vitamin B12 deficient, a non-meat-eater like myself is especially at risk of feeling the effects of this deficiency. In 2019 I vow to take my vitamins every day in the hopes that I will stop getting ill every other week.

  1. Spend less time on my phone

Although social media is a great was to stay in contact with family and friends who live across the country or abroad, I have started to notice that I’m spending more time scrolling than talking. Hopefully by reducing the time I spend scrolling, I’ll have more time for things that matter.

  1. Cook real dinners (once in a while)

Although I can survive off of oven chips indefinitely, it doesn’t feel great. I started meal prepping my lunches at the end of last semester but my dinners were more often than not a combination of frozen veg and undercooked oven chips. Even if I don’t cook a proper dinner regularly, I at least need to change my frozen dinner of choice every once in a while or I risk death by boredom.

  1. Communicate better

Whether in a friendship, in the workplace or in the bedroom, it’s not always easy to communicate what we want and how we feel without the fear of causing offense or upset. This year I’d like to work on that because life is generally easier when we don’t have to guess what other people are thinking.

  1. Not accept a job that I hate

Or at least, if I’m going to be constantly exhausted and spend my nights crying about how much I hate my job, I’d like to be paid a lot more for it.

  1. Not quit my degree

A no brainer for some, a regular temptation for a maths undergrad like myself. After finishing my first year I vowed that I would complete this degree, despite it being the cause of much anguish. I’m taking the ‘grit your teeth and power through’ approach to this one.

  1. Write more

As well as contributing to my university magazine, I’d like to post more here. The more I write, the more I enjoy it and I love hearing feedback when other people like what I write too. It’s hard to get a balance between frequency and quality of posts but I’m aiming to post at least twice a month this year.

  1. Have more self-belief

One of the worst things to happen to me in recent years is that I’ve begun to doubt myself more and more. I worry sometimes that I’ve made the wrong choices or that my dreams are unrealistic or unachievable. In 2019 I want to ignore that fear, do what I’ve always wanted to and what scares me the most and see where that takes me.

While we’re thinking about goals, I’d like to quickly mention the importance of not succumbing to diet culture and the pressure to get a gym membership come January. And choosing goals driven by a desire for self-improvement, not self-hatred.

In 2019 I hope to continue to change and grow and maybe even stick to some of my resolutions. If you’ve made your own goals for the new year, good luck! I’ll probably see you all on the other side of exam season.


To see my new years eve celebrations in London click here!

3 thoughts on “9 Goals for 2019

  1. As I maths graduate, I know how hard it is, but I just want to say hang on in there, there is no better feeling that finally being able to call yourself a graduate, and you’re definitely not alone!

    And if you want any help/advice feel free to give me a shout x


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