Keeping Up with CoVid19: Day 0


Four days ago, a couple of my best friends from uni (Lulu and Zoe) came to Germany to visit me and celebrate one of them turning 21. Up until the day before they arrived, the plan was to spend the weekend exploring the city and going to bars and clubs. 

Less than 12 hours before their arrival, I sent a message saying perhaps we should not go clubbing. By the time I met them at the airport, clubs and bars in the city had been shut down.

Over the next couple of days, I struggled to stay present and have fun while half my mind was busy thinking about the newly imposed restrictions in Stuttgart. I knew I would not be returning to the office for a little while, I might not be able to go to the gym and it was possible I would not be able to see any friends if we all had to self-isolate. 

The news was changing from hour to hour- a new border being closed every minute it seemed. After getting confirmation from my supervisor that I could work from home in England, I booked a flight for the following day, hoping to escape the city’s stress for a couple of weeks. 

Before I started packing that evening, I spoke a friend who had recently left Madrid- she told me to pack as if I wouldn’t be coming back- because it was a real possibility. 

Note: Half way through the weekend, Zoe fell off an electric scooter and had to fly home on Sunday with stitches in her head and a concussion.

On Monday I spent a day in the city with Lulu, my room completely bare and my friends busy deciding whether to stay where their lives are based or return to their parents and partners while they still could. In the evening, with three suitcases and new matching t-shirts, I left my life in Germany and flew to Gatwick to start social distancing from my home by the sea.

It has been a crazy week and the future is entirely unknown, but I hope to use the hours I save from not communicating or going out to do a few things I’ve always wanted to and not had time for. 

I’ll be posting daily updates on life during this pandemic- how I’m working from home, if I improve at skateboarding, whether I start stress baking again- friends from first year of uni will know…

Stay safe, wash your hands and watch this space!

Lots of love,

Ana xxx

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