Keeping Up with CoViD19: Day 14


Today I joined the millions of people who have lost all or part of their jobs. My work week has gone from five days to three and this upset me more than I expected it to. What I hadn’t realised until I received this news was just how much I had been depending on my job for a sense of normalcy during this chaotic time. I suddenly felt a total loss of direction, purpose and motivation.

I imagine I am not the only one feeling like this right now.

I miss waking up and feeling the excitement of a new day, full of potential. Life now is starting to feel monotonous. The things that usually bring me joy are my friends and anything related to travel, neither of which are currently an option. I miss just coexisting with my flatmate and friends- making plans for midweek pub nights, cooking together, coffee breaks at work. I miss the freedom I had in Germany- my life before Corona.

In the evening, I went on a run, had a cry and pulled myself together.

I think one crisis a week is okay, but I don’t want to dwell in a pity party. I messaged some people, wrote a list and made a plan. If I’m going to be stuck indoors, I might as well make the most of it.

That being said, with my two newly free days per week, I’m looking to take on a couple more web design projects. So, if you or a friend are hoping to use this period of isolation to start up your business or turn a passion project into something more, and you need a web designer, shoot me a message!

I’m starting to feel a bit more hopeful, but I don’t expect this to be my last corona crisis.

Thank you to my friends and family who have been supporting this corona diary series and motivating me to keep shouting into the void of the internet every day. Your messages are the returning echo I need to remind me there is life outside my house.

If you’re also having a crisis, that’s okay. Be patient, be kind to yourself and keep washing your hands.

Lots of love,

Ana xxx

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