Keeping up With CoViD19: Day 4


Today has been a good day. I feel rejuvenated after just 3 days of slow indoor living. My morning was busy with work calls and problem solving for one project I’m working on. I was in such a good work flow I nearly forgot about lunch- luckily my rumbling stomach reminded me to take a break.

In the afternoon I had a couple of phone calls with friends, catching up with one and just working in silence with another. It’s quite nice to just sit with a friend on facetime and be productive together.

Later on, I spent some time at the train station carpark near my house with my skateboard. I bought it last summer, just before moving to Germany so I’ve never had much time to practise. I would be very happy to be a mediocre skater but as things stand I am very much a hazard on wheels. 

After a short session, briefly joined by some kids who skated (much better than me) around the other side of the carpark, I returned home. I can only skate for so long before I feel like I’m going to fall and die, but I really wanted to stay outside and make the most of the refreshing windy weather. I was barely home for a few minutes before I got changed for a twilight run. I sprinted against the wind, ran through a field, down an alleyway and past a busy KFC. A very short lap of my neighbourhood before the sky turned black.

It was my turn to make dinner tonight. While I kept an eye on the boiling potatoes, I turned my headphones on and had a solo dance party in the kitchen. I’ve been in the mood to go clubbing all day and finally I had the chance to dance like nobody was watching, because they weren’t. It was honestly the best thing I did all day and I will definitely be having more solo raves while I have this much space to myself. I think the less time I spend in my own head, thinking about current affairs, and the more time I spend moving, the better I feel.

So, turn on your speakers, blast some upbeat music, shake that ass and wash your goddamn hands!

Lots of love,

Ana xxx

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