Keeping Up with CoViD19: Day 8


Today was a perfect day. I tidied my room, did some work, spent a few hours painting, messaged friends, went on a hike with my mum and sister and had dinner with my whole family. It was all the things I loved about living at home as a teenager, minus the angst.

On a day like today, thinking about coronavirus feels like recalling the plot of a Netflix series I never finished. I feel quite content doing my own thing in the sunny patch in my room while my real-life hits pause. If anything, I feel more fulfilled now that I have time to paint, spend time in nature and see my family than when I was working my ‘dream job’ in a city office. However, I think this is more a sign that I was in desperate need of a holiday than a sign that I am ready for retirement.

I finished watching The Good Place on Netflix just as I was falling asleep. I think it’s the best ending of a series I’ve ever seen and just generally, a very good show to watch. It reminds me of the book Sophie’s World, which is one of my favourites. Both explore morality and philosophy and while we are all social distancing, in essence, for the greater good of our community, it is interesting to think about these topics.

I hope you are also starting to find some routine in this temporary era of social distancing. If you are struggling, reach out to a friend.

Stay safe, enjoy the sun, wash your hands and don’t touch your face!

Lots of love,

Ana xxx

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