Keeping Up with CoViD19: Day 7


It happened. At 20:30 last night, BoJo announced the UK is officially in LOCKDOWN. Remember, if your pals ask you to meet up, say no!

What does this actually mean though? For me, literally nothing. I’ve been staying indoors and running once a day for a week already, except for day 4 when I skateboarded and ran on the same day. I’ve since decided the risk of ending up in hospital is too high, so I’ll be putting the skateboard to bed for a bit.

My dad is asthmatic and was not impressed when he heard he’s supposed to stay indoors for 12 weeks. My mum, on the other hand, is quite happy to have some time off work, although she’s only had one day so far- let’s see how she likes it after a week.

My sister’s phone sales job, which was deemed a necessity yesterday, is apparently no longer required and her life has ended now that she cannot visit her boyfriend. I’ve been told I cannot possibly understand her anguish, as I am not in love. 

In other news, I wore a nice shirt, jeans and mascara today and life felt normal for 5 whole minutes. It made me think, are people still getting dressed every day, shaving, wearing makeup etc? If not, how will we all look when we are finally allowed to leave our houses?? Perhaps this summer’s trend will be long hair and monobrows…

Times are strange, but at least we’re no longer talking about Brexit. Keep in your prayers the gym lads who have just lost their whole personalities and the finance bros who haven’t made the cut as essential workers.

Practise basic hygiene change your outfits once in a while and sanitize your slimy hands!

Stay safe, stay sane.

Lots of love,

Ana xxx

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