Keeping Up with CoViD19: Day 6


Happy Mother’s Day!! To celebrate the woman who birthed me, put up with my toddler tantrums, survived my teenage tantrums and has loved and supported me no matter what, we spent the morning in our sunny garden, cracked open a couple of Coronas and had a boogie.

I spent the afternoon baking cupcakes and catching up with a friend via skype. It was the first prolonged social interaction I’ve had in a week and it left my extroverted soul buzzing with energy for hours afterwards. It’s made me wonder what social life is going to look like after this pandemic. Will we all have found so much joy in our own company that we no longer need human contact to be happy or will we party to oblivion the minute we’re given the all clear? The latter seems the most likely for now.

This week has been intense- moving to England, adjusting to life indoors and learning to live with my parents again. It has been exciting to write and post so often, but I doubt I will continue posting daily after this week. I started this series without a plan and have been overjoyed with the positive response from family and friends who have been keeping up. I have a tonne of projects I want to start and articles I’d like to write, but I also need to take into account my full-time internship which I am continuing from home. For myself I will continue to write every day but I’m not sure I’ll post quite as frequently. 

I hope you’re all having a good day, enjoying some sunshine and not reading the news too often. Don’t forget to eat well, drink in moderation and wash your hands!!

Lots of love,

Ana xxx

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