Keeping Up with CoViD19: Day 11



BoJo has coronavirus!

I will be Bath Uni’s 2020/21 surf club secretary!

My skin!

As in, my skin is breaking out :(( It’s probably detoxing after nearly two weeks of not drinking.

This morning, snapchat reminded me that two years ago I went to London to see The Wombats. Before leaving for uni, my friends and I dreamt about our future, independent student lives. We imagined total fulfilment as we’d be studying our favourite subjects, non-stop parties and meeting up with each other in different cities, for concerts and adventures. While I can’t say studying maths completed me and I admittedly cannot cope with non-stop partying, the latter did become a reality. And seeing The Wombats was one of the first instances of this.

It was an unforgettable night. Dancing with my best friends of eight years, sitting on someone’s shoulders while screaming the lyrics to Lets Dance to Joy Division, confetti falling from the sky; a dream come true.

That night, I stayed at my parents’ house and took an early train back to uni the following morning. On this journey, I had a moment of realisation, my teenage years were coming to an end. I was nineteen and living my dreams and I thought all of a sudden, what happens when I turn twenty? Will the fun times end? Twenty seemed so OLD.

I messaged my friends, voicing my concern. One replied with ‘you’re not nineteen forever, pull yourself together! I know it seems strange, but things, they change’. I thought, fair enough. She continued, ‘older woman and ever so slightly younger man, God bless the band, they’re doing all they can’. What? These are of course, the lyrics to Not Nineteen Forever by The Courteeners and actually, solid advice. Later that year, I saw this song performed live, just months before my twentieth birthday- an epic moment.

The point of this whole story? Two years ago today, I had only just begun my adult life, the future was unknown and scary. Today, I am living an unimaginable reality, not just because of this pandemic, but because I couldn’t have imagined all the blessings I live with- my friends, old and new, the jobs I’ve had, the countries I’ve travelled to. Turning twenty was indeed the end of my crazy teenage years, but it was also the start of the best chapter of my life so far. 

Our futures now are unknown and daunting, but I hope we can look back in two, twelve or twenty years’ time and see this as the start of a new era. 

Good things are coming. Sit tight and keep washing your hands.

Lots of love,

Ana xxx

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