Keeping Up with CoViD19: Day 12


My sleep schedule is ruined. Last night I watched all 16 episodes of The End of The F***ing World til 4am- an excellent series that I highly recommend. Today I transitioned from night pyjamas to day pyjamas and back again.

My day started unpromisingly at midday, but thanks to houseparty (that app mentioned on day 10) I ended up spending my whole afternoon talking to friends I haven’t properly spoken to in months. By the end of the day, my cheeks hurt from smiling- I should probably make use of this isolation to catch up with more people.

I’m starting to feel like Belle at the start of Beauty and The Beast:

Little town
It’s a quiet village
Every day
Like the one before

In the evening I beat my dad at scrabble while the family watched a Bridget Jones film. Tomorrow I’m sure we’ll have a rematch and watch another Bridget Jones film.

Every morning is the same
Since the morning that we came
To this poor provincial town
Good morning, Belle

Unlike Belle, however, we cannot go on an adventure, find a prince and fall in love, so for the time being I’m just going to try and finish my book.

Don’t go crazy, wash your hands.

All my love,

Ana xxx

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